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Last updated: 20/3/2018
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Job TitleLocationBig 4 Job ReferencePosted Date 
Forensic/Corporate Recovery Manager
Tortola417901/03/2018  Job Details Apply
Forensic Accounting Managers, Directors and Partners
France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK415601/03/2018  Job Details Apply
Russian Speaking Forensic Accountants
London412701/03/2018  Job Details Apply
Russian Speaking Forensic Accounting Senior Manager
London412601/03/2018  Job Details Apply
Forensic Director/Partner
London270901/03/2018  Job Details Apply
Forensic Accounting Director - Fraud & Financial Crime
London261401/03/2018  Job Details Apply
Forensic Technology Senior Manager/Team Lead
Hong Kong253301/03/2018  Job Details Apply
Forensic Technology/Data Analytics Director
Shanghai253201/03/2018  Job Details Apply
Forensic, Financial Crime and AML Specialists
London247401/03/2018  Job Details Apply
Forensic/Fraud Director
Shanghai230101/03/2018  Job Details Apply
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Forensic Accounting jobs Global Forensic Accounting Opportunities @ www.big4careers.com

Forensic Accounting is a growing, specialist discipline within the accountancy profession which demands high level financial and accounting expertise and can be required in any area of personal or corporate life involving a financial crime, a financial loss or a dispute and/or subsequent litigation. Such cases might include any kind of commercial or partnership dispute, matrimonial disputes, criminal and fraud investigations, personal injury or a loss caused through negligence or business interruption. In many instances the Forensic Accountant will also be expected to act as an Expert Witness in the case. Backing this up in the Information Technology age is the need for skilled and trained professionals in the field of data analytics.

The nature of the work demands a combination of skills which including the ability to spot detail while keeping the bigger picture in focus, strong written and verbal communication skills for report writing, interviewing and dealing with the relevant parties involved, a naturally investigative and inquisitive mind, tact and diplomacy. It also offers and demands global mobility as cases can arise anywhere in the world, often involving highly complex cross-border work.

The Big 4 were and still are large providers of these services though, through conflicts of interest and commercial opportunity, a number of specialist Forensic boutiques and consultancies are now in competition, providing the same range of services.

The big4careers site is a prime medium for career opportunities in Forensic Accounting, Litigation and Disputes and Data Analytics with vacancies from Executive and Consultant level through to Directors and Partners, including teams and practice mergers.

The global reach of big4careers.com provides full coverage of the international markets.

For further information on careers and vacancies within Forensic Accounting, Litigation and Disputes and Data Analytics please e-mail jobs@big4careers.com

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